Text Box: Text Box: Invisible Romans
The Roman Empire’s 99%
Robert Knapp 
Text Box: What critics say:
“...a remarkably kind and thoughtful book “  Tom Palaima ((UT Austin) Times (London) Higher Education Supplement
“Knapp wears his enormous learning very lightly, presenting a nuanced and convincing picture of Roman life” David Potter, University of Michigan
“Knapp analyzes unconventional sources...providing bold thinking…” Publishers Weekly
“an extraordinary glimpse into a society which has been at best overlooked and at worst ignored…” Douglas Jackson, The Scotsman (Edinburgh)
“…magisterial...introduction not only to Roman culture but to the human conditions of economic scarcity and elite organization” Tim Pendry, Goodreads.com
“One of the best synoptic books on Roman social history I have ever read” T. Corey Brennan, American Academy in Rome
“a book I’ve been wanting to read for a year” Seven Saylor, author of the Roma Sub Rosa historical novels
“(Knapp) has a happy way with overturning preconceptions…” Christopher Hart, Literary Review
“...a vast amount of evidence about back-street Romans, clearly presented and well backed up…” Peter Jones, BBC History Magazine
Text Box: “There is a certain importance to the lives of the nonheadline makers; in them we glimpse the crowd in which the rich and famous move, and understanding them helps us to understand the whole culture and society.  We can without hesitation turn from them to the Alexanders, the Caesars, the emperors and generals of the ancient world; we can study and be inspired by their philosophy, laws, literature, and architectural wonders.  But behind all these accomplishments stood tens of millions who sustained the world of those accomplishments.  They deserve to be made visible on their own terms.”   Invisible Romans
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