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This page is dedicated to the educational experiences of the Central State Normal Training School and the College Elementary School during their lifetimes, 1895-1970

College El Building

Brief History of the College El
History of College El Kindergarten (Miss Welch)
Why did the Lab School close? (Miss Smith)
Honors for College El kids
Christine Eber's ('59) poems--about fourth grade and what we know now, and about what we saw and didn't see growing up in Mt. Pleasant
Jo Ann Maxim (Renwick) ('41) sends Kindergarten activity from 1934 and 1943 8th Grade graduation
Pictures in need of identifications! Click here.

May 10, 2012
 Terry Carey's obituary
College El and Junior High enrollment list, 1951-1952

August 8, 2011
  --Class of 1940 pictures and remembrances from Paul Carey
--Little Chips Junior High Yearbook 1957-1958 from Dave Clendening
--Class picture, class of 1955
--Class picture, class of 1956

January, 2011
--Views of the Training School (including one with students and teachers)--Training School Burns, 1933--Rowe Hall Move, 1958--Ken Bordine and Helen Johnson, 1959
images from Jack Westbrook

April 16, 2010
3rdGrade Play, Class of '56--500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins--1953.  Can anyone identify more people?

February 10, 2010
Robert Marsh's material
(Robert's Page; Class of '63 4th grade picture and 5th grade picture; Robert's reviews by College El teachers, 4th and 5th grades; postcard from camp 1960; newsletter from University Lab School's Teacher Education Project (1963); promotional flyer (~1960) to attrached undergrads to the Lab School education program
(with additional information about Fancher, Ganiard kindergartens)
by Ann Louise Welch and Helen Johnson (1950s?)
(Provided by Valerie Wolters)

October 25, 2009
 Jack Rodenbeck ('53) sends a list of songs from 'hall sing'.  Click here.  And recalls College El and the Cold War in fifth grade (1946) and Junior High.  Click here.

March 7, 2009
Sad news: Karen Veit Knickerbocker ('56) passed away on January 7, 2009, after an illness.

July 24, 2007

Miss Bissot has passed away Barbara Bissot; Jack Rodenbeck's page  Jack Rodenbeck; Class of 1948 reconstruction by Jack  Class_of_1948

June 15, 2007

Why did College El Close?  Teacher Martha Smith remembers...

Teachers pages for: Barbara Bissot; Katie Northway; Martha Smith

March 15, 2007
Class picture in 1962-62 for Class of 1966
John Hartman's Page (1953)
Can anyone identify this 1960's Lab School scene?

February 27, 2007
Class pictures with identifications for 1952, 1953, 1954
Bill Hooker page
Miss Martin Returns from Afganistan (1956)
September, 2006
Picture of Sleeper State Park cabin by Brian Long
Picture of College El students in (from Centralight Summer 2006); can you identify more students/teachers?
Can you identify the students and teacher in this 1963 photo?
Can you identify the students and teacher in this early Rowe Hall photo?

   from older updates, check out:
January, 2006
Camping at Sleeper State Park--the story by Brian Long
Brian Long updates his page, with news of a conversation with Winston Thiers, Mrs. Thiers' son

September, 2004
The beginnings of class updates from rosters in 1947-1948 Michiwa Chippigan (thanks, Bob Brasington ['46]): Class of 1949 updated
July, 2004
Ann DeVillers (Bixby) reports that Rick Terwilliger ('56) died in 2002. 
Elizabeth Etnire died November 24, 2003, age 87.  She had taught Spanish at CMU for 40 years as well as, of course, being our Spanish teacher at the College El.
March '02
Updated page from  Brian Long, with wonderful new material.
January '02:
Karen Veit--class picture/roster and updated class list for '54
updates on class lists for '55,'56
photographs of College El building, houses where King,Praeger, Thiers lived
class of '55 in 2001 (scroll to bottom of page linked page)!
September '01:
'Little Chips' Junior High Yearbook from 1954; obituary of Aubrey Carlson
March '01--Page and picture of Christine Eber; picture from Class of 1959 (Eber, Huston, Nash); Class of '37 and letter from Bill Theunissen; aletter from Robert Wardrop; a new teacher page for Helen Emmons, Helen Campbell, Cassie Gibson, Elma Lighter, Margaret Koopman, Georgia Hood;new pictures of the Training School portico and garden; campus view from the air (1933); article on theTraining School fire (1933) 
September '00--Class of  '36(?)--recollections of Ruth Reece; Class of '49--beginnings of a class list; photo from third grade; Class of '53 and '54--photo of a bus trip; Class of '58--class activities' photos 1955
Camp 1957--14 photos; Class of '59--revised class list and class picture; corrections for Teachers 1950-1965
July '00--obituaries for Alice Adams,Lillian Engelsen, Margaret Foley, Edna Heilbronn, Emma Holbrook, Helen Johnson, Thelma Marshall, Ella O'Neil, Myrle Thiers, Lois Wilson; a new page for Ava Bond, Francis Burt, Lula Chase, Emma Holbrook, Thelma Marshall, Minnie Termaat, Myrta Wilsey, and 
Lois Wilson; new photo of Diane Dargitz (Howard); Betty Marks (Anderson); new picture needs to be identified!
June '00--Teachers of 1912; Pictures in need of identifications; honors, Betty Marks (Anderson), Diane Dargitz (Howard), Class of '54, Class of '66, various teachers' pages (see just below);
May '00--Jack Anson, Philip Nash, History, Teachers 1950-1965, an American Childhood article by Dr. Carlson featuring the Class of 1957

Brief History of the College El
History of Central's Foundation by BY: Claude S. Larzelere, M. A.
Department of History & Civics)
Michigan History Magazine, July 1919, Vol. 3

Historical Views of Central

Teachers' Pages
Alice Adams, Jack Anson,Ava Bond, Francis Burt, Lula Chase, Emma Lou Cooper, Lillian Engelsen, Elizabeth Etnire, Edna Heilbronn, Emma Holbrook, Helen L. Johnson, Barbara King, Thelma Marshall, Ella O'Neil, Ethel Praeger, Minnie Termaat, Myrle Thiers, Myrta Wilsey, and 
Lois Wilson
Teachers from the Training School, 1912
Teachers from the Training School, 1925
Teachers from the Training School, 1935 (in progress)
Teachers from the College El, 1948
Teachers 1950-1965

Honors for College El Kids

Pictures from College El Days

Reunion '99

Sixth Grade Classes before 1958

Class of 1936(?) Ruth (Reece) Amon
Class of 1937 Bill Theunissen remembers
Robert Wardrop remembers
Class of 1940
Paul Cary remembers
class pictures
Class of 1941
Jo Ann Maxim (Renwick)
Kindergarten activity
1943 8th Grade graduation
Class of 1947
Class of 1948
Jack Rodenbeck
Class of 1949 photo from third grade
Class of 1950
Class of 1951
Class of 1952 Class Picture
Class of 1953 Class Picture
John Hartman
Bill Hooker
Dana Sudborough
some classmates on a bus trip (photo)
Class of 1954 Class picture/roster
Betty Marks (Anderson)
Diane Dargitz (Howard)
Nan Lauer (Spindler)
Mike Sudborough
Cathy Brown & Betty Marks (Anderson) picture
on a bus trip
other pictures
Vance Orr obituary
Class of 1955 (pictures) Ruth Bowen (Haldeman)

Hal Sudborough
Class of 1956 Charles Knapp
500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins photo
Class photo
Class of 1957 a feature article
Philip Nash
Gary Wright

Sixth Grade Class of 1958
Class Activities 1955
Camp 1957
Class of 1958 Janie Buchanan (Stout)

Bob Knapp
Brian Long

Don Marks

Irene Sudborough
Teachers of the Class of 1958

Sixth Grade Classes after 1958

Class of 1959 Bette Nash (Tousain)
Christine Eber  (her 2013 poem)
class picture
picture of Eber-Nash-Huston
Class of 1960 class picture
Class of 1961 Iris Meltzer
class picture
Class of 1961 in the news!
Class of 1962
Class of 1963 Robert Marsh
Class pictures from 4th and 5th grades
Class of 1964
Class of 1965
Class of 1966 class picture in 1962
Class of 1967
Class of 1968 picture of class in Rowe Hall in 1968
Class of 1970


We welcome contributions which would enhance this site and be of interest to College El alumni.  Please send us reminiscences, photos (scanned to JPEG if possible; if not we will gladly do the scanning ourselves), or other materials to the email or snail mail address below.

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